Man jailed for assaulting wife after ‘harassing’ her and calling her by the wrong name


SINGAPORE: A man repeatedly assaulted his wife after drinking alcohol and after she “harassed” him and accidentally called him by his son’s name along with his ex-husband.

When their dispute escalated to the point that the police were called, the man insulted the officers and told a police officer that his butt was “so fluffy.”

Mohamad Farali Khan Ismail Khan, 31, was jailed for a year and fined S $ 4000 on Thursday (April 8th). He pleaded guilty to three counts of willfully seriously injuring his wife, willfully injuring her and insulting an official.

A fourth charge of leaving home during the “circuit breaker” period was factored into the sentencing.

The court heard that Farali married the victim, a 52-year-old woman, in December 2019. They were living together in an apartment.

The first incident happened on the night of March 8 last year while the couple were in their bedroom. Farali drank alcohol and quarreled with his wife. He claimed that she was harassing him and he hit her head three times with his palm.

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When she tried to block the punches, Farali intentionally hit her hand with hers, breaking her index finger. His wife asked him to take her to the hospital, and he did. He was diagnosed with a broken finger and a head injury.

The hospital contacted the police that day to inform them of a case of domestic violence.


The second incident happened a few months later. Farali drank alcohol before driving his wife to her godfathers’ homes on May 25 after midnight to deliver home-cooked meals to them.

After leaving their godfathers’ house on the 12th floor, the couple were heading for the elevator when the victim mistakenly called them by the name of their son from his first marriage.

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This angered Farali, who slapped her face and pulled her by the hair when they got out of the elevator downstairs. He then threw her by the hair, dropping her into a nearby trash can.

After that, Farali smoked a cigarette and drank from a can of beer he had with him.

When a man walked by and asked the victim if she was okay, Farali yelled at him to go away and said it was “a husband and wife issue”, while his wife remained silent. .

The passer-by left and the victim returned to the home of his godparents to ask for help. Farali scolded her in the hallway outside the apartment and the victim’s godmother called the police.

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The police arrived at the scene around 2:20 a.m. and separated the couple. Farali became agitated and cursed a station inspector when she arrested him.

He also hurled Cantonese and Hokkian vulgarities at the officer. As she held it, Farali said, “Hey, I can smell your a **, so mellow,” according to Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Lim.

The prosecutor said the amendment to the Criminal Code served to provide greater protection to victims who are more vulnerable and exposed to abuse and violence, including in situations where the parties hold positions of special trust.

For willfully causing serious injury, Farali could have been jailed for up to 10 years, fined and beaten. Since the offense was against his wife, he could have received up to twice the sentence.



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