Man jailed for robbing elderly mother and fracturing her ribs in assault


SINGAPORE: When her 77-year-old mother refused to give her the PIN of her bank account, a man assaulted her with his cane, stamped her body and pulled her hair.

After threatening to cut off his fingers, she told him his PIN, which he used to withdraw S $ 2,000.

Adrian Yap Yin Leung, 56, was sentenced Thursday, January 14, to five years and three months in prison on one charge of theft and one for not standing on bail. A third charge of having a Singapore passport changed at the airport a few weeks before the assault was factored into the sentencing.

The court heard that Yap was with his mother in her apartment at around 11 p.m. on October 16, 2018. He asked her for the PIN of his POSB bank account because he wanted to withdraw money for his own use.

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His mother refused to tell him the number and he retaliated by assaulting her with his cane. He also kicked her, punched her body and pulled her hair, before threatening to cut off all of her fingers with a knife.

Her mother finally gave in and told her her PIN. She was seriously injured and suffered a lot and could not call the police for help, but lay down in her room to rest.

Her son left the apartment the next morning with his mother’s bank card and withdrew S $ 2,000 from his bank account. Court documents did not indicate what he was using it for.

A few hours later, his mother got out of bed and saw that her son was gone. She enlisted the help of her neighbors and they called the police after seeing the wounds on her face.

The victim was taken to hospital with multiple fractured ribs and bruising on his face, arms and chest walls. She was kept for 36 days and was granted additional hospital leave.

After the incident, she was afraid to leave the house on her own and was afraid of being beaten if she did, suffering from the recurring thoughts of the assault.

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While his mother was in the hospital, Yap put the card back in his wallet. He was arrested at the end of October 2018 and released on personal bail, but was unable to return to the police station on the date and time stipulated. A police diary was published for his arrest, and he was caught in August 2019 and remanded in custody.

For a theft with self-injury, he could have been imprisoned between five and 20 years and have received at least 12 blows with a cane.



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