Man on trial for possession of 156 ‘guns’ allegedly asked Grab drivers to transport ‘gun’ to buyer


SINGAPORE: A man allegedly ran a business selling replica firearms and related components on Carousell, and attempted to hire Grab drivers to deliver one of the guns to a man.

Liu Huijian, 41, was tried Thursday, April 8, on a charge of possession of 156 firearms from which pellets could be discharged, as well as spare parts for firearms when he was unlicensed.

The charge sheet lists several items that were allegedly found in his home at Block 53, Sims Place on November 16, 2018. They include: nine sets of “Desert Eagle”, four sets of “M4A1”, two sets of “M82A1”, three sets of “SCAR Submachine Gun” and several guns and transparent water guns.

He faces two other outstanding charges of possession of a replica firearm without an import permit and importing 158 firearms.

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The prosecutor said that Liu ran a business selling battery-operated and spring-loaded pistols and other related accessories on Carousell. These fall under the definition of weapons under the Weapons and Explosives Act.

The first prosecution witness was Grab driver Tan Chee Pheow, who drove to Liu’s home on the morning of November 16, 2018, after receiving a reservation from the area to take a passenger to Woodlands.

Mr. Tan said he went to the location, which he only remembered as a “50 plus” block in the Sims area, and waited a while.

“A man came and knocked on the window of my car. A Chinese, I believe he is a Chinese national,” he said via a Mandarin interpreter.

“He handed me a stiff box. He told me that the box contained magazines, story books or newspapers, I don’t remember the exact conversation, but I realized that the box was very heavy. “

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He said he was suspicious and worried that there was something illegal about the box, so he asked the man to open the box for him to look inside. When the man refused his request, Mr. Tan told him that he should reject the reservation.

The man finally opened the box.

“I noticed that there was a gun-like object inside the box and I was sure it was not a toy gun,” Mr. Tan said. “I immediately returned the box to him and rejected it. After that, I phoned my Grab company to advise my office to cancel this reservation.”

He added that he was not supposed to send the package to its destination because there was a GrabExpress platform for delivering packages, while as a Grab driver he could only take passengers.

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On top of that the booking was a cash transaction and the man should have paid it in cash first, but instead he said someone would take the box to its destination in Woodlands and give it to him. ‘silver.

Mr. Tan said he later received a call from Ang Mo Kio police station asking him to make a statement.

The trial continues, Liu defending himself. Other witnesses called to testify include police officers and a representative from Carousell.

If convicted of possession of firearms, Liu could be jailed for up to three years, fined up to S $ 5,000, or both. The prosecution said they would ask for four months in prison if he pleaded guilty, but Liu said he would not accept the offer.



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