Man Orders Food From Sengkang Compass One 1km From Home, Receives It 2 ​​Hours Later — On Empty Deck


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Talk about the inconvenience of food delivery.

A man who lives in Sengkang ordered food from Boon Tong Kee in Compass One via foodpanda on January 15 around 6pm and finally received his meal after 8pm – delivered to the empty deck and not to his door.

The residence of the restaurant is about 1 km from the mall.

According to the estimated time of arrival, he should have received his meal at 7 pm.

Annoyed by the food delivery driver’s antics, the customer took to Facebook to voice his grievances and call the courier by name.

What happened

The post included photos of the receipt of the restaurant’s order, which revealed the food pick-up time was 6:53 p.m., as well as the restaurant’s text conversation with the food delivery person.

The post added that the rider indicated that he picked up the food from the restaurant, but his location on the in-app map was in a different place.

At that time, when the driver indicated that he had already collected the food, the delivery time was estimated to be only 3 minutes.

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The restaurant said he then politely texted the rider to ask about the delivery.

The rider’s response was that he had more than one order to pick up and asked the restaurant to wait.

Controlled rider location

The restaurant then continued to track the rider’s location on the map in the app, finding him at the same location 30 minutes later.

Unfazed by the slowness, the restaurant then contacted foodpanda and communicated with five help desk employees who then offered system-generated automatic replies and were unable to resolve the issue, the restaurant claimed.

The restaurant also sent a message to the passenger saying, “My whole family is waiting for your delivery. Can you please help? We’ve been waiting for almost 1 hour.”

Granted to work for two apps

Around 8 p.m., the restaurant texted the rider again, and this time the rider admitted via text message that he used two food delivery apps at once and picked up five orders.

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“Since I’ve been watching the rider’s GPS since about 7:15 p.m., it’s very clear that the rider picked up my food and went to another place to wait and pick up food,” the restaurant wrote.

Food left on the empty deck

To add insult to injury, when the food finally reached the restaurant’s destination, it was not delivered to his home – and with no effort to restore service.

The rider texted the restaurant that the food had been left on the empty deck, with a message for the restaurant to go down and collect it.

The rider texted, “Left at empty deck table, go take”.

This is considered a violation of the delivery protocol as the food was not delivered to the stated location and was left unattended.

The diner wrote in its post, “I was amazed at such behavior.”

The restaurant then berated the rider, saying “You are cowardly enough to leave my food order on the empty deck of my house”.

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The diner added: “You must deliver to my unit with a smile and I would be kind enough to smile back at you. I would really like to meet you in person. Please come to my house, you should have my address in your defeated.”

food panda response

In response to MothershipFoodpanda said it was aware of the incident and issued a warning to the rider for not following standard delivery protocols, “namely to deliver customers’ orders to the address specified in the app”.

foodpanda added that it can only advise delivery partners not to deliver on multiple platforms at the same time to ensure timely deliveries.

“Since delivery partners are freelancers, they can deliver for more than one platform if desired,” said foodpanda.

foodpanda added: “We have also reached out to the customer to resolve the issue and will continue to work closely with our delivery partners to ensure a consistently pleasant experience for our customers.”

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