Man sentenced to 6 months house arrest for threatening Gaetz . to ‘kill’


Veteran Hollywood cameraman Eugene Huelsman was sentenced Thursday to six months house arrest for threatening the “fu**ing kill” of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) last year.

Huelsman — whose list of Hollywood credits includes work with TBEN, Netflix and NBC — pleaded guilty to a felony that transferred a threat to interstate commerce in October. Huelsman was reportedly nominated for seven primetime Emmys for his work as a cinematographer.

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The Hollywood cameraman left a message on the voicemail of Rep.’s district office. Gaetz and told Gaetz to “look after his back” and “look after his children” just three days after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Huelsman also threatened to put a “bullet” at Gaetz and his children, saying he hoped the Florida representative would “die in a shallow grave.”

“Narrate [Gaetz] to watch his back, tell him to look after his children,” Huelsman reportedly said in the message. “I’m going to get him… I’m going to fucking kill him. … I’m going to put a bullet in you and I’m going to put a bullet in one of your damn kids too.”

Curtis Fallgatter, Huelsman’s lawyer, confirmed that Huelsman “lost all his job” after his arrest last year.

Fallgatter argued that the Jan. 6 Capitol riots inspired him to leave the threatening message on Gaetz’s voicemail three days after it happened.

Fallgatter told Politics:

The timing of it is exactly why he did it. You’ve seen the news. You saw the people attacking the Capitol, and it’s just outrageous, and a lot of people got outraged and that’s what happened to Huelsman. … He saw all the supportive comments from Gaetz saying that these are good people. … That’s what motivated the case.

During Huelsman’s sentencing, Fallgatter raised Gaetz’s refusal to sit down with the Jan. 6 committee and his recent comments about pro-abortion protesters being unappealing to explain “why Gaetz is such a magnet for people.” to get so mad at him.”

However, U.S. District Court Judge T. Kent Wetherell II “was frankly unimpressed with” his arguments, Fallgatter said.

The Secret Service previously investigated Huelsman for threatening relatives of a former president on social media, according to a press release from the US Department of Justice following his conviction.

US Attorney Jason Coody said after the conviction:

Freedom of expression is central to our democracy. However, the communication of threats of physical violence, in this case by a person who had previously made and investigated similar threats of violence, is clearly illegal. … Today’s verdict recognizes the defendant’s repeated threats of violence and should serve as an important deterrent to those who would threaten violence against others rather than engage in lawful debate.

In addition to six months of house arrest, Huelsman must pay a $10,000 fine and complete five years of probation.


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