Man throws out wife’s 30th birthday for wedding party: “Furious”


A man has been scolded online after revealing he planned to go to his friend’s wedding instead of his wife’s birthday party.

In a post on Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA******, user u/Acceptable-View-4318 explained that his wife was turning 30 and had a big birthday party planned with her friends and family.

But there was a problem. The man wrote: “Unfortunately my best friend also has his wedding on the same night. I picked my best friend’s wedding because we are very close and I don’t get along with my wife’s family.”

While the man was clear that he had made his choice, his wife was not happy about it.

This stock image shows a woman sitting alone in front of a birthday cake. The internet has criticized a man for saying he planned to go to a friend’s wedding instead of his wife’s 30th birthday party.
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“My wife is now furious with me and demands I don’t go to the wedding,” he wrote. “But I can’t go back on the promise I made to my best friend.”

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Relationship expert and creator of interactive online dating game show “The Game Show of Love,” Emma Mankey told Hidem News week“His wife’s 30th birthday versus his best friend’s wedding is definitely a tough dilemma. Regardless of the order they were planned and he was invited, they are both major milestones for important people in his life.”

The man turned to the internet for advice, asking if he was wrong to go to the wedding instead of his wife’s birthday party. He revealed that the party was planned months in advance and the wedding invitation had only arrived that week.

“I think if you want a divorce, it’s fine to go to the wedding,” one commenter said.

Another Redditor wrote, “You’ve known about your wife’s party for months. You were going. Why is it okay to forsake that commitment?”

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Rather than opt for one or the other, Mankey Hidem suggested that the husband make an effort to attend both events.

“He can attend both by leaving the wedding reception early to go to the birthday party,” she said. “Yes, it’s no fun having to leave a wedding early to go to a party with people you don’t like, but he made a promise to his wife when he married her.”

Other commenters on the viral post pointed out that the man may just be trying to dodge an awkward night with his in-laws.

“Your wife’s party had been planned for months and instead of sucking it up and spending time with her and your in-laws, you decide it’s more important to go to a friend’s ill-planned wedding,” one said. answer.

Another commenter said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like your wife’s family. Do you like your wife? Because it’s about her, not them.”


Statistics from Fatherly, a digital lifestyle brand that offers news and advice to parents, show that about a third of couples have problems with their in-laws, with the most common arguments being driven by career success, parenting style and money.

But Mankey Hidem explained that relationships require compromise.

“It’s common for people to dislike their partner’s relatives — many people don’t even like members of their own family — but when you marry someone, you accept that person’s whole package, including their family, so it it’s your duty to deal with them the best you can,” she said.

“You can go, but prepare the divorce lawyer,” another Redditor suggested on the viral post. “How you can’t see that you’re the asshole is beyond me. Your friends’ lack of preparation isn’t your wife’s problem to deal with.”

News week has contacted u/Acceptable-View-4318 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.

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