Man tries to send samosa to space, what happened next will leave you surprised


Imagine Indian street food, samosa crossing all borders and landing in space. Yes, you heard right. Our own street food delicacy, samosa, was supposed to land in space, but right before that it crashed in France. An Indian restaurateur in Bath, UK tried to throw a samosa into space. He almost succeeded, before he crashed in France.

Chai Walla, one of the UK’s most popular Indian restaurants, sent a samosa into space in three tries. But it crashed in France. Restaurant owner Niraj Gadher said he just wanted to spread some cheer in the dark times. He said he had always joked about sending a samosa into space and that he believed everyone could be happy with a laugh, according to a report from Somserset Live.

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The wonder of this top-rated restaurant in Bath attempted this rhythm mission in three tries. He told Somerset Live: “I jokingly said once I would send a samosa into space, then thought during this dark time we could all use a reason to laugh.” So, Niraj used helium balloons to launch her favorite street snack into space. During his first attempt, the helium balloons fell from his hands. And the second time around, there wasn’t enough helium.

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Gadher also made a video of the incident. In a video posted to YouTube, the group can be seen tying the snack to the balloon with a GPS tracker to track their location and a GoPro camera to record their trip.

The package traveled along the Bath skyline and even soared so high that a passing plane was taped on camera.

However, the GPS malfunctioned while he was in space and Gadher lost track of his samosa. He later found out that he had crashed in a field in France.

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When Gadher lost track of the snack, he started messaging people on the social media platform Instagram to see if they could help him locate it. One person accepted his request and later found the samosa in a field in Picardy.



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