Mantashe Warns of Growing ‘Evil Tendency’ of Party Leaders ‘Writing ANC Obituaries in Public’ | TBEN


Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe.

  • ANC President Gwede Mantashe has warned party leaders not to publicly criticize the party.
  • Mantashe also warned that there was a growing culture of people believing the province was better off without the ANC in the Free State.
  • Mantashe said credit should go to the provincial education department for achieving the best matric results, despite the fact that the province’s administrative capabilities are non-existent.

ANC National Chairman Gwede Mantashe has warned of a growing culture of party leaders going public and writing the organization’s obituary when they are offended or don’t like certain things within the ANC.

Mantashe delivered the opening speech at the ANC’s 9th Electoral Conference currently underway in Bloemfontein.

He said: “What is a bad trend that is growing in the ANC is this ability of an ANC leader like myself going on a public platform and insulting the ANC and almost writing an ANC obituary saying come 2024 we are ready as party.

“How can we be ready when we all [ANC members] are there still? The ANC cannot be ready by 2024 if there are still so many of us and we still believe in the organization,” said Mantashe.

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He added that the growing culture was that when leaders were hurt, they no longer tried to turn to each other until they found solutions, but rather walked away to seek greener pastures from other parties.

“We [ANC members] afraid of Mickey Mouse parties that are small instead of focusing on renewing our own organization,” said Mantashe.

He urged delegates at the packed Imvelo Safari Lodge, where the ANC in the Free State is hosting its conference, to use every two days to agree on organizational matters and not to further divide the already divided province.

He warned that there were people in the province who were taking advantage of a weakened and divided ANC to the point where they were actively trying to keep the conference from going ahead.

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Mantashe referred to the serious delays that hampered the start of the conference, which was supposed to start on Friday but started a day later.

This was due to dissatisfied party members claiming that delegates elected at the departmental level had since been replaced by those overseeing the organization of the county conference.

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The injured parties then went on a rampage and disrupted the registration process.

Mantashe harshly attacked the party’s provincial leaders and Free State structures.

He said, “I arrived here yesterday [Friday] at 10 a.m. and I was having breakfast and ready to give the opening speech and the process was physically delayed by some trying to disrupt proceedings,” Mantashe said.

What suits you people of the Free State are prayers because you really need them.

He added that the disruptions and actions of members on the ground, which resulted in the arrest of six people and numerous injuries, reflected poor leadership.

“When I came here I identified an inherent risk, which is now a culture here in this province, that of people who believe it is better if there is no ANC in the province.

“Any attempt to rebuild the ANC will be challenged in court or by such people disrupting ANC events and we must be wary of comrades who are determined to ensure there are leaders who at all costs to ensure there is no ANC.” in this province,” Mantashe said.

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Despite the devastating attack, Mantashe praised the province for once again achieving the best results.

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He said the fact that the province continued to achieve such a result, despite the lack of proper provincial and regional structures, was a demonstration of what the party could achieve if it got its act together.

Mantashe said the newly elected provincial government (PEC) should focus on three key areas as they emerge from this electoral conference.

“The PEC urgently needs to revisit the demarcation of the municipality and make sure it makes sense and is not just a tick-box exercise, as it was now.

“Number two, we need to address the problem that there is no municipality in the Free State that has a clean audit. It is this county and the North West that have zero clean audits,” said Mantashe.

He added that the county “must access the capacity of the county treasury and address the leakage of state resources.”


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