Margot Robbie reveals Hooters job offer – while filming an ad at age 16


They thought she was a hoot.

Margot Robbie, 32, revealed that the popular, sassy Hooters chain — known for its bombshell waiters serving mugs and pitchers — offered her a job in the 1980s.

In a recent interview with NME, the “Babylon” starlet recalled the charming overture, which she says she received during a short shoot. She recalled being 16 at the time and starring in a commercial for the bald American restaurants — as a patron, not a “Hooters girl.”

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“At the end of the day they offered me a job and I was like, ‘I think this is where my career is going, and eventually I’m going to work at Hooters,'” Robbie recalled.

The Post reached out to Hooters on Wednesday for comment.

In the interview, Robbie recalled her time starring in a Hooters ad when she was 16.

The Australian actress did the NME interview with her “Babylon” co-star, Diego Calva, and they shared behind-the-scenes details of the movie that hit theaters last month.

Although the film has been compared to the Hollywood version of “The Great Gatsby”, the drug-fuelled, sex-riddled cinematic experience has been touted by the co-stars in the NME sit-down.

The pair agreed that the film’s director, Damien Chazelle, never rejected ideas from the actors. Chazelle always asked them for “more.”

“I’d give the most I could give, and then his note would be, ‘That was great, I just need more,'” Robbie recalled.

The A-lister will also appear as the titular Barbie in the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie of the same name, which has captivated fans well ahead of its anticipated July 21 release.

Hooters reportedly wanted Robbie to fill the classic orange uniform.
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Robbie even inadvertently spawned a fashion phenomenon known as “Barbiecore.”

The neon pink trend gained momentum last summer and was quickly integrated into the 2022 color palette.


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