Maria Kanellis will become a free agent next month, she has had talks with WWE and AEW


During her interview on the Fightful podcast, Maria Kanellis said her per-appearance deal with Impact Wrestling expires next month.

Kanellis said: “I have an appearance agreement with them (IMPACT) until October 8. It’s so hard to make decisions in the future because I love what we do in IMPACT and I know the possibilities of where we can go.” go along and where I could go as an individual Scott D’Amore is a fantastic boss if I’m not in the Maria Honor No More voice I love what we do there When The Kingdom won the award tag titles That meant something, especially after losing what, to me, would be the next ten years of my life if not longer in Ring of Honor I looked at Ring of Honor like, ‘Okay, this is going to be the next ten to “Fifteen years of my life. I’m going to run this women’s division. I’m going to transition completely to the other side. I’m going to help with the production. I want to continue taking on more responsibilities.” Then it ended, and Scott gave us a chance. It’s really hard to find ‘where do I go?’ I spoke to Tony Khan, I spoke to Triple H, I talk to Scott all the time. Recently I spoke to WOW. It’s a very interesting time for me. For me, it’s about creating opportunities for all the women that I am … work with now.”

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