Marib police thwart Houthi attempt to recruit women and children for attacks in Yemen


Mon, 2021-02-22 08:15

DUBAI: Police authorities in Marib have uncovered evidence that the Houthi militia is attempting to recruit women and children for bombings and assassinations in the government-controlled city in northern Yemen.

Videos of women confessing to being recruited by the Houthis, trained in improvised explosive devices and sent to Marib to plant such bombs were shown by Brig. Yahya Homeid, the director general of the police in Marib, added a report from the Saba news agency.

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Targets include a sports hall in Marib, which accommodates hundreds of wounded, ambulances, civilians and soldiers traveling in vehicles.

Homeid said the women, from poor families, were recruited by blackmail, with the Houthis implicating them in damaging acts to get them to do what the militia wants.

Yemeni authorities have previously foiled a similar attempt by the Houthis to deploy assassins after discovering a cell of eight women plotting for military and security officers.

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Yemeni security authorities foil assassination plots committed by a Houthi cell. The women are accused of the explosion that hits Yemen’s wedding hall, killing 5 women and 7 injuring others.


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