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Tel Aviv, Israel, November 15, 2022, Chainwire

The first of its kind Web3 gaming event to connect the community, gaming studios and industry influencers to award select winners from over 200 games across 16 unique categories

Following the rapid growth of blockchain-based gaming and rising investment flows, Polkastarter is hosting the very first GAM3 Awards to showcase the industry’s progress in building engaging, entertaining Web3 games. To handle the coverage, publicity and promotion of the award show, MarketAcross partners with Polkastarter and other leading industry participants as the event’s official media partner.

Scheduled for a Twitch broadcast on December 15, 2022, the GAM3 Awards are designed to highlight the best Web3 games that provide a fun and engaging experience for players rather than focusing on token economies and gamification typical of blockchain game titles. The event judges will review more than 200 Web3 games in 16 categories before handing out $300,000 in prizes to the winning teams. Prizes are sponsored by a consortium of cryptocurrency’s biggest names, including the Blockchain Game Alliance, Immutable X, Machinations, and Ultra, among others.

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In addition to his role as the event’s official media partner, Itai Elizur, Managing Partner of MarketAcross, will serve as a judge on the awards panel. He will join more than 30 other creators, investors and industry experts who have extensive experience in both the Web2 and Web3 gaming landscape to evaluate the shortlisted projects based on the quality of their gaming experiences before launching on the winners vote. The community and studios will also participate in selecting winners in award categories such as People’s Choice, Games’ Choice and Best Content Creator.

Participating in the review process are Ancient8 Co-Founder Nathan N, Animoca Brands Senior Manager Jesper Lindquist, Avalanche Head of Gaming Edward Chang, Avocado DAO CEO Brendan Wong, BNB Chain Business Development Director John Izaguirre, Fractal Founder Justin Kan, Lv.99 Co-Founder Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Polygon Studios Head of Global Games Urvit Goel, Sfermion General Partner Dan Patterson, Solana Foundation Tech & Product Leadership Matt Sorg, YGG Head of Partnerships Sarutobi Sasuke and many others.

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Itai Elizur, Managing Partner of MarketAcross, concludes, “The success of Web3 gaming ultimately depends on competing with AAA gaming titles to attract and engage a wider gamer audience. We appreciate the approach the GAM3 Awards embody to base awards on gameplay rather than tokenomics. While many play-to-earn titles are pouring into the space, we argue that any Web3 gaming triumph will be the result of great storylines, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay, which is why the core philosophy of this event is so unmissable.

“We called it the “GAME” awards, with a 3, to keep the focus on the actual games themselves, cutting out the web3 jargon and negative connotations, while still paying homage to the underlying web3 technology which we believe will help shape the future of gaming. The GAM3 Awards will highlight the high quality of web3 games in the space and showcase the true potential of blockchain technology integration, without compromising the quality of the games themselves.” said Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter.

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About GAM3 prices

GAM3 Awards 2022 is the first edition of the annual web3 gaming awards. Hosted by Polkaster Gaming, Polkaster’s first step in reshaping the future of blockchain gaming, which has grown to a community of over 70,000 gamers around the world. The awards celebrate the highest quality web3 games, drawing industry leaders, ecosystems and media outlets, and rewarding the best game developers and content creators with cash prizes and services worth more than $300,000.

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