Marvel’s Avengers Leaker updates the order of the next seven characters


As I said before, Marvel’s Avengers roadmap is little more than datamining and fan fantasies at this point, with Crystal Dynamics unwilling to commit to long-term dates. And now the most prolific dataminer in the game, Miller, thinks I have found a new order on the heroes to come, and in what order, an update of a previous list with some surprises.

There are no dates attached to these outside of Clint, but the order from now on can be:

  1. Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
  2. Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
  3. King T’Challa (Black Panther)
  4. Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk)
  5. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)
  6. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)
  7. James Rhodes (War Machine)

A few points to note here. Miller says he’s 90% sure about the surprise order change between Peter Parker and King T’Challa, which he also deemed unexpected. I wonder if there’s some pressure from Sony as a result of this high-profile deal to make sure Peter Parker comes out ASAP, or if there maybe some sort of window of time promise that they must meet to fulfill this deal (i.e. Spring 2021) But before that, it seemed likely that Black Panther and Wakanda were next. It can still happen, but we’ll have to see.

After that Miller says She-Hulk and Winter Soldier order could end up turning around, but it’s not sure. She-Hulk would likely share at least a few similarities with the Hulk, and I’d be surprised if Winter Soldier didn’t share some with Cap, but even with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, Crystal Dynamics has shown they aren’t all that successful. “Clone” characters, so I would expect them to be quite unique.

War Machine would have done a lot of art and work, but no progress has been made on him for a long time, and Miller thinks it could have been canceled outright.

The question, of course, is how much of the entire list will get there. The current rate of release of the new character in Marvel’s Avengers is a rate with attached missions and a new villain every three months. So if that’s the tempo, this list gets uh, a bit far in the future:

  • Clint Barton (Hawkeye) – March 2021
  • Peter Parker (Spider-Man) – June 2021
  • King T’Challa (Black Panther) – September 2021
  • Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) – December 2021
  • Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) – March 2022
  • Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) – June 2022
  • James Rhodes (War Machine) – September 2022

Unless they can speed up the pace of the outings, that is to say or regroup some of them. And at this point, it’s really hard to believe that unless Avengers presents some sort of major playerbase push … somehow, it’s still going to be creating new characters in the near future. two years. This was the original plan, of course, for the Avengers to do this sort of thing for years to come, but it’s unclear if Square Enix, Marvel, and Crystal Dynamics are still okay with that. I hope they will, honestly, but we’ll see what reality brings. So far, all we know for sure is that Hawkeye will be released in March. Past that, again, the datamining and fan dreams.

Some video thoughts on all of this:

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