Massive driving license surge expected to hit South Africa


The city of Cape Town says it expects car license renewals to peak in the coming months as part of a ripple effect caused by the Covid-19 lockdown and license extensions.

The city has said it expects July and August 2021 to be the peak of renewals, as many licenses will expire on August 31, 2021, with an expiration date of September 22, 2021.

This is due to the Covid-19 lockdown extension granted to motorists whose motor vehicle license expired in March, April and May 2020, he said.

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He further warned that Covid-19 will continue to have a material impact on its operations and that motorists should plan ahead.

“We will continue to have unplanned and sudden office openings and closings to keep our staff and clients safe,” said City Deputy Executive Mayor Ian Neilson.

“Covid-19 regulations will continue to affect the workforce at times and we will continue to experience the intermittent national system issues that we have seen over the past year.

“These issues affect the city’s service delivery, but unfortunately are not under our control.”

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Neilson said motorists should be proactive and check the expiration date on their license discs and start the renewal process at least a month or two before their expiration date or during the grace period.

“It will make a huge difference for everyone and allow motorists to apply for a license online through e-Services,” said Neilson.

The city of Cape Town said the length of queues at driver’s license offices has generally decreased. However, that may seem like a long time because of social distancing and other Covid-19 measures that are in place, he said.

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“If customers have to come in person to a customer’s office, remember that there is Covid-19 screening at the entrances and that a limited number of customers are allowed in at a time due to the Covid-19 regulations. “

“Social distancing is necessary and must be respected and masks are mandatory.” He added that motorists only need their ID card for motor vehicle registration and registration renewals.

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