Matt Gaetz wants to introduce national ‘stand tall’ law on behalf of Rittenhouse


If Matt Gaetz wants to honor you, it might be a good idea to take stock of your life.

Kyle Rittenhouse, post-verdict, took stock of his life and found himself in the company of people like Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz and ex-President Donald Trump, “his type” of people. Among those same people, Kyle didn’t show much sincere remorse for how famous he came to be. This is worrying because his celebrity status is obviously due to the fact that Kyle got himself into a situation, in which – by all appearances – he wanted to be, holding an assault rifle, feeling threatened by the protesters. liberals.

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Matt Gaetz wants others like him, Tucker and Rittenhouse, to have even greater legal protection if they find themselves in Kyle’s position or if they seek out Kyle’s position. Gaetz wants to introduce a national “Stand Your Ground” law, the law obviously will not pass. Not this round. But if and when there is complete Republican control over Washington again, there is concern.

Stand your Ground Laws are authorizations to kill for people like Rittenhouse, Tucker, Gaetz and anyone who donated money to the cause of Rittenhouse, the “guy” who took stock of his life and dreams of do exactly what Rittenhouse did but would love to do without all the hassle and hassle.


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