Meet Kavit Passary, the next-gen fashion entrepreneur who’s announcing herself in style within the fashion industry


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Meet the next-gen fashion entrepreneur who announces himself in style within the fashion industry, Kavit Passary

Kavit Passary is the founder and owner of Iron Tailor that has taken over the fashion industry with their innovative collection.

The way that young individuals explore themselves in their respective fields in different sectors is just incredible. Their in-depth insights and extensive market knowledge with effective market strategies and efficient implementation of social media and technology as key factors have played an important role in driving growth drivers. The fashion industry as a niche segment has grown exponentially in recent decades. It has been one big hub and home for millions of young people to showcase their talent and prove their mettle. Social media, innovative technology and young talent are the foundation of the modern business world that has expanded efficiently across different sectors and domains. Even the fashion industry has now bolstered their base with online platforms spreading their reach to a wider crowd. Let’s meet an emerging name and figure in the fashion industry whose start-up and creative designs have sent a wave of excitement to millions of customers: Kavit Passary.

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Kavit Passary is a passionate and driven professional of the fashion industry whose recent work has been the talk of the town. Blessed with a creative spirit, Kavit founded Iron Tailor, an integrated company and a place to shop for the best in class leather bags, wallets, belts and shoes. Within four years of launching its brand, Iron Tailor has quickly become a number one choice for customers when it comes to all types of learning needs. Kavit Passary understands the need and demand from the leather industry and has worked diligently hard to advance his brand on time and make a strong presence for himself in the entrepreneurial space.

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Iron Tailor has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and exported to high-end designers. With a great response that they have received, Iron Tailor has set up their production unit in Noida and Kolkata and a sales unit in Raipur and they also sell through Amazon and Flipkart. They focus on both mens and womens collections where most of their product range has one mesmerized and making them one of the most sought after fashion startups in the country.

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The brand received many awards and accolades and was even promoted by Indulge on The Bharat Express News. Kavit Passary continues to push boundaries by ensuring that its brand is also established worldwide. For more information, visit their website, and follow them on Instagram @irontailorformen.

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