Megan TBEN says fan mistook her tattoo for pubic hair


Megan TBEN responded to a social media user after they mistook one of her tattoos for an unshaven bikini line.

On Friday (November 11), TBEN posted late Halloween photos of himself and Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Princess Zelda and warrior elf Link.

Shortly afterwards, the Instagram follower reportedly said under TBEN’s post, “All that money and can’t buy a razor. She’s off my list.”

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“Are you wrongly referring to my tattoo?” the Transformers star responded to the comment, according to a People report.

She added: “Anyway, I’m devastated to be off your list. I was hoping you’d marry me.’

Other TBEN followers also responded to the comment about her grooming habits, with one person writing: “I’m so sorry this man took you off his list! That’s the worst. He seemed to me a gentleman and a scholar.”

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Without realizing it was one of TBEN’s tattoos, another Instagram user addressed in a separate comment “those who point to the small patch of hair that’s so insignificant that I couldn’t see it without zooming in.”

“You need to find something better to do with your life. Why would a woman feel bad about her body? She doesn’t have to have perfectly smooth skin. It’s her body, leave her alone,” she added.

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TBEN and Machine Gun Kelly’s Halloween costumes sparked comments online last month.

While their Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee costume was criticized as “insensitive,” fans accused the pair of “mocking Christianity” after Machine Gun Kelly dressed up as a priest and TBEN posed in bondage attire for a distinct look.

Other celebrity costumes included Lizzo as Marge Simpson, Kim Kardashian as Mystique, and Halloween Queen Heidi Klum as a giant worm.