Mehrauli hate story: Who was Shraddha Walkar? How did she meet and fall in love with Aaftab Poonawala?


The gruesome and harrowing murder of Shraddha Walkar has shaken up the nation as the main defendant in the case – her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala – has been arrested by the Delhi Police and is now being questioned about the crime.

Shraddha Walkar was strangled by Aaftab after an argument broke out between the couple at their rented flat in Delhi’s Mehrauli on May 18. Walkar was strangled by Aaftab in the middle of the altercation, and then he cut her body into 35 pieces to get rid of it bit by bit over the course of three weeks.

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Aaftab and Shraddha moved in together in May 2022 and the quarrels between the couple had become heated. Shraddha had also told her friends that she feared for her life as Aaftab had beaten her during fights.

Who was Shraddha Walkar?

Shraddha Walkar was a 27-year-old woman who used to live in Evershine City in Vasai East in Maharashtra. Walkar was working at a BPO (call center) when she got into a relationship with Poonawala. Walkar’s mother died several years ago, and she is currently survived by her father.

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Shraddha and Aaftab’s ‘killer’ love story

Shraddha and Aaftab had been in a relationship since 2018, for a total of four years. The two had struck up a friendship after conversations on a dating app in 2018 and eventually fell in love. Both Shraddha and Aaftab lived in Maharashtra at the time.

Soon Shraddha and Aaftab moved in together in Mumbai but her family did not approve of the relationship. Shraddha later told her family that she planned to marry Aaftab, but her father and brother did not approve of the relationship and became estranged.

The couple later moved to Mehrauli in Delhi in 2022 and lived in a two-bedroom apartment. What started as a love story quickly turned into an abusive relationship after Shraddha started contacting her friends claiming that Aaftab beats her and might kill her.

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On 18 May, Aaftab strangled Shraddha after a fight where she suspected him of having an affair. Aaftab had also reportedly denied marrying Walkar during the fight. After the murder, Aaftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and kept it in the fridge of his house.

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