MetisDAO’s KORIS to enable end-to-end operations for DACs


  • MetisDAO Foundation says decentralized autonomous organizations can use their KORIS technology to transition to decentralized autonomous companies or DACs.
  • KORIS is designed to help businesses access the Web3 ecosystem.
  • While still in closed beta, its general target is DAOs, Web3 companies, freelancers, and even Web2 companies.

MetisDAO Foundation, a crypto-focused company that aims to power the Web3 ecosystem through reliable and decentralized solutions, has unveiled KORIS, a new smart contracts platform designed to provide an end-to-end operational system for decentralized autonomous companies (DACs).

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According to a blog post published earlier this week by the Metis team, KORIS provides an infrastructure that decentralized companies can leverage to streamline and manage day-to-day operations related to their workforce.

The smart contracts powered platform provides DACs with access to management and governance tools aimed at fostering further innovation in the Web3 ecosystem.

KORIS will offer several tools for companies that focus on Web3

As existing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) appear to become decentralized companies, KORIS will provide tools for functionality such as treasury management with Gnosis Safe infrastructure, wallet integration for gasless transactions and task management.

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Users will also benefit from new integrations that help with onboarding new communities, payment management, and alternative governance.

These tools help companies “meet the needs of customers who want to start and grow web3 businesses,” the MetisDAO Foundation wrote.

DACs on KORIS are built for DAOs, Web3 founders, contributors, freelancers, and Web2 companies monitoring the Web3 ecosystem. The project is currently in a closed beta phase.


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