Mia Yim Goes Out On ‘Fan’ Saying Keith Lee ‘Refused’ To Get In Shape


Mia Yim set the record straight on Twitter after a “fan” claimed Keith Lee has refused to get himself in better shape. The fan commented that Walter has gotten into great shape since his days in NXT and that it was something Lee “refused to do”.

Lee’s wife Mia Yim stated the following:

“Walter is great.

“What Keith Lee Refused To Do”

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When we weren’t sure if he would live, the doctors told him that if he increased his heart rate, he could literally die. So exercising, even jogging was not an option. But go on and on about how he chooses to be fat and lazy.”

Last year, Lee spoke about the complications he faced last year after testing positive for COVID-19. At one point, due to his heart problems, he was very close to death. You can read more about his health issues by clicking here.

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