Michigan Department of Corrections Worker accuses management of preferential treatment to white employees


(TBEN DETROIT) –A Michigan Department of Corrections employee makes scathing allegations and accuses his employer of preventing him from receiving promotions because of his skin color.

The nearly 20-year MDOC employee says black workers don’t get the same grace as white workers.

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“I need your decision before 3 p.m., but on the other hand, the person who ended up in the job had a whole weekend to talk about it with his family, and of course he was Caucasian. and I was African American, ”the MDOC employee said.

He does not want to reveal his identity for fear of losing his job, but he is ready to speak out against what he calls discrimination in the workplace.

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The MDOC employee said: “And I’ve seen agents with discipline, reporting and that’s supposed to hold you back and put you on the back burner when it comes to promoting and things of that nature, but they end up getting jobs and then they’ll turn around and say to a person of color ‘hey, you weren’t promoted because you got something on your file’. and it’s like you’ve just promoted someone who has something on their record. What is the difference with me? And that’s just one thing that stands out the most.

Lawyer Jim Rasor supports the claims.

He says that for the past 15 years he has sued MDOOC, raising millions for his clients for employment discrimination.

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He now represents two complainants who are filing complaints against the MDOC, alleging that they were victims of racial profiling and that they sought positions.

“The point is, there is no reason why these two extremely skilled, diligent and hardworking African Americans have been ignored except for the color of their skin,” Rasor said.

According to lawyer Rasor, two deputy directors, Donald Ricumstrict and Darrell Steward, both had more than 20 years of seniority, but when they applied for six open director positions, they were overlooked by less qualified white applicants. .

“The only people, in my opinion, who are treated fairly are the white men who run the department,” Rasor said. “Everyone is a second class citizen. “

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MDOC spokesman Chris Gautz released a statement to CW50 saying that half of their guardians are women or African Americans, and they vehemently deny any allegations of racial profiling.

It reads in part: “The department does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, and if an employee engages in such behavior, they will be held accountable for their actions … until … and including termination. . “

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