Michigan man shot dead by police after allegedly killing wife, dog and injuring daughter


Police shot and killed a Michigan man after he allegedly killed his wife and dog and injured his daughter, law enforcement officials said.

Police responded to a call around 4 a.m. Sunday from a woman allegedly shot by her father, who police identified as 53-year-old Igor Lanis, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said.

After officers arrived at the house, they heard gunshots and began to approach the residence when the suspect emerged through the front door and began firing at them with a shotgun, police said.

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A Walled Lake police officer and an Oakland County sheriff’s deputy returned fire, beating and killing Lanis, authorities said.

Officers said they saw the 25-year-old woman who called 911 at the front door “trying to crawl out of the house” before dragging her to safety, authorities said.

“She stated that her father shot her and her mother,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “She was transported to a nearby hospital and had emergency surgery.”

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“The daughter is currently stabilized, but she clearly has supertraumatic injuries from a gunshot wound to her back and legs,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said at a news conference Monday.

Law enforcement officers searched the house and discovered the body of a 56-year-old woman who had been “shot multiple times in the back, and it appears she also tried to flee the front door,” the sheriff’s office said. .

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The family dog ​​had also been “shot and killed several times,” according to authorities.

The Oakland County Special Investigations Unit and the Walled Lake Police Department are conducting an investigation.


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