Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer loses to Trump-backed challenger in GOP Primary


Former Trump official John Gibbs successfully defeated Rep. Peter Meijer, ending the brief stint of the freshman lawmaker in Washington, who began a vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Gibbs was picked by Trump to challenge Meijer over that decision and to certify the election, both made after the former president incited a mob to attack the U.S. Capitol in a fateful plan to wipe out the results of the 2020 election. to do.

Gibbs, who worked at the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Trump administration, made the idea that Trump’s election had been stolen the cornerstone of his campaign, even indicating that he might not accept the results of his own race. if he was not successful .

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“That remains to be seen,” he said, when asked about his acceptance of the vote count by a local news station, in the waning weeks of the primary campaign.

Gibbs is no stranger to disinformation.

When he was nominated as director of the Office of Personnel Management while serving at HUD, he was asked by senators about tweets unearthed by CNN in which he repeatedly referred to the QAnon belief that Democrats participated in satanic rituals. At the time, Gibbs attributed the tweets to his role as a commentator, “that’s behind me, that’s not my current role.”

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He was never confirmed.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, hoping Gibbs would be easier to beat in the newly redrawn district, spent $400,000 on the race with an ad calling Gibbs “too conservative” for Michigan. The move was soon criticized by housemates and Meijer himself.

Meijer, for his part, was clear about his chances of reelection shortly after making the decision to run against the former president.

“This may have been an active political suicide, but I know I can look myself in the mirror because I voted on my conscience here,” he told The Detroit News.

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Shortly before the race was declared in Gibbs’ favor on Wednesday, Meijer said in a statement: “A constitutional republic like ours requires leaders who are willing to take on the big challenges, find common ground wherever possible and show their love for land. while this was not the outcome we had hoped for, I will continue to do everything possible to move the Republican Party, West Michigan and our country in a positive direction.”


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