Mike Pence opposes invoking 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump, calling it ‘terrible precedent’


Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday he opposed invoking the 25th Amendment, thwarting Democrats’ attempts to oust Donald Trump.

Mr Pence told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi he would not support the move, accusing it of playing “political games” and saying it would set a “terrible precedent”.

“I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our nation or in accordance with our Constitution,” Mr Pence said in the letter, which was released by his office as the House prepared for it. vote on a non-binding resolution. inviting him to invoke the amendment.

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It comes as at least three Republicans, including a member of the House leadership, said Tuesday they would vote to impeach Mr. Trump for urging his supporters to march on Capitol Hill and “fight” little. time before the attack which resulted in the death of five people. .

Mr Pence told Ms Pelosi that the administration’s energy is focused on ensuring an orderly transition, and called on her and other members of Congress to avoid actions that “would further divide and ignite passions. from the moment”.

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