“Million Dollar Listing” Alum and Real Estate Powerhouse Fredrik Eklund Launches Proptech App, REAL


The pandemic has changed the way the world communicates, from remote Zoom meetings to social media. It has also impacted the efficiency in which many industries operate, including real estate. To better improve the way agents promote themselves and their properties, Bravo’s Million dollar listing alum and founder of Douglas Elliman’s top producing brokerage, The Eklund | Gomes Team, Fredrik Eklund recently co-founded the new social real estate app REAL together with entrepreneur Thomas Ma.

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REAL is a real estate social app that combines an Instagram-style platform with WhatsApp-style chat capabilities that allow agents to promote themselves for free and create a new revenue stream. This allows agents to better control their business. How REAL works is that agents and consumers create profiles and manage their feed of listings. Sellers, buyers, and other agents can follow each other to get a deeper understanding of the agent’s offering, personality, and style that they might not get from an ad. Not only can this increase an agent’s revenue, but consumers can also find their ideal agent that specializes in a particular region, price, and ore. The agents can compose their recommended images, content and chat topics that best match their personal knowledge and experience. The app also offers a range of price points for home sales.

“Those in the real estate industry are using traditional social media to market real estate, which has been a trend for years,” says Eklund. TBEN. “However, with Covid-19, everything came into the palm of our hands. With so many properties being sold through WhatsApp and FaceTime, this app allows you to scroll through something really beautiful and ambitious, but also curated to your needs. With Instagram, Facebook and of course TikTok quickly becoming video platforms, this app is developed exclusively for real estate agents on the one hand and consumers such as buyers and sellers on the other. I call our app REAL a combination of Zillow, WhatsApp and Instagram.”

Because home sales go so fast, the app allows people to communicate in real time and instantly connect with an agent through the chat feature to get instant information about certain offers. Not only that, agents can also promote real estate that is not yet on the market. Sellers and buyers can track and interact with multiple brokers at once, whether they’re buying a property or listing one. The quick accessibility of the app also makes the user experience seamless and efficient.

The free app uses advanced AI technology to perform specific searches tailored to a specific need. People can do very detailed searches, whether they’re looking at kitchens or living rooms, or looking for specific household amenities like a gym, home office, or swimming pool. The app will then match your content to what you are looking for.

Agents can also communicate with each other at lightning speed to move transactions and share information. The Eklund | Gomes Team, which has 92 agents in five states, uses the app’s text chat capabilities so that information is not lost.

Eklund teamed up with Hong Kong-based Ma, a licensed real estate agent and successful entrepreneur, to address current problems in the real estate market, including agents overpaying to advertise their properties, excessive customer follow-ups, slow response times , ineffective cold calling and much more.

“Agents are licensed in many different states and there is a complete crossover happening, especially in the luxury market,” he says. “Current real estate apps like Zillow don’t provide quick answers and MLSs are slow. I lead a large team and see all facets of the market, in all price points, and how fast it moves. People want to use their cell phone for this, they want it to be fun and they want it to be FAST. At the same time, they see what the people around them like and watch.”

He says agents have to pay sites like Zillow to list their listings, and those platforms ultimately retain control over how their listing looks online. This app allows agents to post their listings for free and manage the aesthetics of their page. It also enables agents to position themselves as a leader in their market. For example, Eklund recently opened a real estate agency in Stockholm and his agents use the app to promote their properties and become ambassadors to that city.

“With so many properties being sold through WhatsApp and FaceTime, this app allows you to scroll through something really beautiful and ambitious, but also curated to your needs,” he says. “You can use the app’s features to find your home, or just sit back and dream like you’re looking at a beautiful magazine with the best real estate.”

The global app can be downloaded in several languages ​​and in any city or town. Since the soft launch 11 months ago, there have been over 147,500 downloads and this continues to grow. He says that, unlike Instagram, REAL is a real revenue stream, which he hopes will eventually entice brokers to use the app in their business.