MIQ worker tests positive four days after sore throat – Bloomfield


A worker at the isolation and quarantine facility (MIQ) run by Grand Millennium in Auckland tested positive for Covid-19 four days after suffering from a sore throat, said chief health officer Ashley Bloomfield.

Watch here from around 1 p.m.:

Bloomfield says they were made aware of the new case, an unvaccinated 24-year-old, last night.

There is no evidence of community spread.

All potential places of interest are under consideration, but at the moment there aren’t any, says Dr Bloomfield.

“The PCR swap returned high CT values ​​in the mid-1930s, this could mean that they are either at the onset of infection, or nearing the end of their infection, or that they are this is a historic case. “

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Bloomfield says repeated PCR testing and urgent blood serology are underway today to get a better understanding.

He says the person lives alone but Auckland Regional Public Health is investigating whether there has been contact with people in neighboring accommodation.

The person usually drives to work in a private vehicle with a coworker, he says. The coworker is seen as close contact and is now self-isolating at home, Bloomfield says.

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He said the Grand Millennium facility would be verified now, given that a cleaner there also tested positive for Covid-19 in March.

If and when places of interest are identified, the Ministry of Health will make them public, including on the ministry’s website and through push notifications.

Whole genome sequencing on the case’s test sample has started and is expected to be completed by tomorrow afternoon, Bloomfield says.

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He says there are 23 other cases found at MIQ, including four historical cases.

The government announced today that it has created a new science advisory group to advise it on critical decisions regarding Covid-19, including any border changes and the ongoing deployment of the vaccine.

Yesterday, the Department of Health reported no new community cases and seven new positive cases linked to the border in managed isolation.



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