Mira Rajput Asked About Husband Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Most Boring Habit’, Here’s What She Said


Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput are like every other married couple when it comes to their share of fights, however, Mira says she is always the one who wins. Mira recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. When a fan asked, “U and Shahid !!! Who wins in the arguments?” Mira said: “Me! Who else?”

Apart from that, Mira was also asked about Shahid’s ‘most boring habit’ and ‘the thing you love most about him’. Mira said: “He makes millions of typos. I really have to understand what he’s saying. But now I’ve kind of figured out what he means when he says something else. And I do. love, love everything about him. ”

Mira was also asked about the secret to her weight loss after having two children – her daughter Misha and her son Zain to which she responded by saying, “You know, I get asked this question quite often. It was slow, It took a while, but the most important thing is to eat right, the right portions and to train.

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Previously, during an appearance on “No Filter Neha”, hosted by Neha Dhupia, Shahid had stated that he fought with Mira “for anything and everything”.

Shahid had said, “We have very strong and different points of view. For the kind of person that I am, I am very happy to have someone like that. Although on a daily basis it can be difficult to deal with. , but when I look overall I know she’s really good for me. And I guess I’m also good for her. We always tend to tell each other that we don’t see each other. “

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