Mixed Reactions to Drivers Scammed in Traffic Accident


A motorist has become the source of scorn, ridicule and sympathy online after appealing to the National Police (NPS) to assist him in apprehending a man who allegedly caused him pain on the famous ‘Sikika Road’ platform. safety’.

The motorist painfully recounted his unfortunate ordeal in hopes of drawing the attention of authorities and finding a solution to his current conundrum.

The man had promised to reimburse the repair costs of his car after he rammed it, but never kept the promise.

Traffic police officers stop motorists at a checkpoint.


The motorist recalled driving home on Kitengela road on Saturday, November 5, when he was suddenly hit from behind by a white truck behind the Mwireri area around 3:00 am.

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The driver entered into a gentlemen’s agreement, under which the other party promised to pay for the damage without going through the halls of justice.

After the accident, the man lost the taillight of his car with a dent on the back of his trunk.

They believed in a stranger’s reassuring words and both agreed to resolve the matter without police intervention, a decision he now deeply regrets.

They exchanged contact details and the truck driver promised to refund him Ksh 8,000 for the replacement of his damaged backlight at 8.30am on the same day.

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Since then, the motorist has not received any compensation or notice, forcing him to turn to the police to help him track down the runaway driver.

One of the mistakes motorists make when they get involved in such accidents is not calling the police.

Calling the police in the event of an accident is important for documentation purposes, as police reports are required to process insurance claims.

The Kitengela incident sparked mixed reactions from TBEN, with some blaming the man for choosing not to call the police.

“Why would you ask the police to arrest him and agree to a settlement without involving the police?” replied one Facebook user.

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“How do we know you’re not the one who rammed into the truck while reversing?” a woman ridiculed the injured driver.

However, motorists are advised to call the police in the event of an accident to determine who was at fault and to avoid cases where one party is defrauded.

Notifying your insurance company is also critical if an accident has occurred as it speeds up claims processing.

An undated road sign with a road sign on it

An undated road sign with a road sign on it


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