MLB The Show 21’s “ Next-Gen ” feature preview was mostly a deep dive into a feature


On Thursday afternoon, Sony San Diego Studio released the penultimate feature preview for MLB The Show 21. It was billed as a Next-Gen Deep Dive, given that the upcoming release will mark the first time that we will see the series the latest consoles.

Honestly, the video should have been called Stadium Creator Deep Dive, Next-Gen tidbits, and Legend Reveal.

That’s right, Stadium Creator is a next-gen exclusive, and the haptic feedback article sounds like fun, but the majority of this preview was about The Show’s incredibly powerful new creative tool. You can watch the video for yourself below.

I’m not complaining, considering I did everything without parading the streets for this feature to make it to The Show. However, I will say that the content of the video did not live up to what was expected of a preview that seemed to be billed as a look at everything next gen.

The biggest advantage of this disconnect between what we expected and what we got on Thursday is that beyond Stadium Creator, there isn’t a ton of difference between the current and next-gen versions of the Game.

As someone who wasn’t dissatisfied with the visuals of the game on PlayStation 4, that’s not a huge disappointment to me. Still, that might not suit the crowd hoping to get their minds blown away with visuals and animations that separate generations of games. That said, Stadium Creator seems to get better every time we see it.

More layers for Stadium Creator

The reviews SSDS receives for packaging their feature preview shouldn’t hurt the quality of the Stadium Creator feature. Looks like it’s loaded. The main producer of the feature film is Jon Ramsey, and he has worked exclusively on SC for the past two years.

According to the video, SSDS made a commitment to bring the feature to the game about five years ago, but things kicked into high gear in 2019. A total of 20 people worked on the mode to bring it where it will be when the game releases on April 16 for those who have purchased the Collector’s Edition.

In the video, we learned that 30 different pre-built templates can be completely edited to create a unique stage, or users can start from scratch to create whatever they want. There are over 1,200 props to add almost anywhere in the stadium, and users can mix and match signature structures, scoreboards, and more from existing MLB parks. The authoring tool has an easy and pro version.

The former is more of an assistant for those who want an original baseball stadium but don’t necessarily want to spend hours creating an intricate masterpiece. The pro version unlocks all the options and caters to someone with something more distinct in mind. Once you have created your ballparks, they can be uploaded to the vault for others to download. The snap feature has been widely used, allowing users to create long grandstands and other repetitive structures in their designed stadiums.

There is a memory limit for each stadium, and you can monitor how much space your creation takes up in the upper right corner of the screen. Essentially, the more props and structures you add, the more memory you need.

There is also a cool randomization feature that will add a different feel to any of the model parks. SC is not available in all MLB The Show modes, but it is in most of the ones fans will use. Operation Sports on Twitter posted footage of the modes SC entered and exited.

There was more specificity offered on SC limitations in Diamond Dynasty. Users will not be allowed to create ultra-unrealistic ballparks for DD teams. There are 150 exterior wall presets that will be allowed in DD. If users change the height or depth of these walls, it will disqualify the stage of use in DD.

Haptic feedback on the next generation

PS5 controllers will give haptic feedback in MLB The Show 21 when you make hard contact to the plate, take captures in the outfield, and a few other instances. It looks like The Show 21 will represent most of the high-impact sensations baseball players experience in their hands with haptic feedback.

There is only one preview of the additional features before release, and it is fully related to Diamond Dynasty. Feature preview is scheduled for April 15



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