MOM Investigates Allegations of COVID-19 Health Damage at Jurong Dormitory; riot police deployed


SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) responded to allegations of COVID-19 health protocol violations, lack of access to medical support and poor quality of meals prepared in a dormitory in Jalan Tukang to Jurong.

On Wednesday, October 13, agents from MOM’s Advanced Insurance and Support Teams (FAST) were deployed to the dormitory to investigate the claims.

Singapore police also responded to a call for help in the dormitory around 12:55 p.m., the ministry said.

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The allegations were made in an online article posted to Weixin on Tuesday, a spokesperson for MOM said on Wednesday in response to questions from TBEN.

Weixin is the domestic version of WeChat used in China.

“MOM’s preliminary investigations revealed that there had indeed been delays in transferring workers who tested positive for COVID-19 from their rooms to a recovery dormitory or centralized recovery center for recovery,” he said. he declares.

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The ministry said it was working to transfer those in need of additional medical care to health facilities for treatment.

He added that roommates in the positive cases have been allowed to return to work after obtaining a negative rapid antigen test result.



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