Monday night press briefing in UK: June 21 freedom ‘not guaranteed’, says Boris Johnson


PM says freedom of lockdown on June 21 is not guaranteed

Boris Johnson has warned that there is no guarantee of breaking free from Covid restrictions on June 21 as Tory MPs urged him to speed up his timeline for exiting the lockdown. The Prime Minister said he was “very optimistic” that stage 4 of the government roadmap, which marks the end of legal limits on social contacts and gatherings, can be implemented by the June date which he sees fit. is provisionally reserved. However, he stressed that caution was in order. Judith Woods outlines the reasons why she is not banking on June 21 being the day our freedom will return. Mr Johnson also sparked controversy today after telling high school students reporters “always mistreat people” when asked for career advice. See his remarks off guard by scrolling to the post at 12:39 pm.

One group of people who will be following Mr Johnson’s announcements closely in the coming weeks will be those planning a wedding. Aside from the guest list feud over which cousins ​​to invite, planning a wedding should be fun and exciting. But in the pandemic, couples have worried about face masks rather than what time the DJ should start. Here is a guide to the rules on weddings and Rachael sigee explains how to plan your pandemic big day. Penny walker describes what not to tell someone who has had their marriage canceled by Covid.

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Scotland to experience ‘substantial reopening’ from April 26

Scotland will return to a tiered system from last week in April, said Nicola Sturgeon, confirming her updated roadmap out of lockdown. The PM told MSPs that the five-tier system is expected to see the whole country move into Tier 4 and drop to Tier 3, which would see sectors such as non-essential retail reopen from April 26. . confinement. Of course, all of this comes as the SNP grapples with former leader Alex Salmond’s allegations about a plot to imprison him. Tom harris says he reveals a lot about the people who run Scotland Henry hill analyzes why Ms Sturgeon’s rival track record is a perfect illustration of why decentralization was wrong.

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Summer vacation bookings increase to 600 pc

Airlines and travel agencies are seeing increased demand following Boris Johnson’s roadmap for how coronavirus restrictions will be relaxed. Within hours of the Prime Minister’s announcement, the easyJet chief executive said demand for flights was up 337% and vacations by 630% compared to last week. And this despite the roadmap to get out of the lockout, maintaining a ban on international travel until at least mid-May. Here is a reminder of the rules, which will leave Spain, Portugal and Greece guessing when the British are back on their beaches. Tom rees analyzes why a second cruel summer awaits the European economies of “Club Med”.

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Prince Harry and Meghan | Nearly half of UK adults believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have let the royal family down, according to the latest poll. The Savanta ComRes survey found that the same proportion of the public (45%) think they were right to quit as serving Royals, with 43% thinking less of the couple now than last year. Camilla Tominey has the details.

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Around the world: launch of ‘vaccine passports’ in Israel

It doesn’t take a moment for Jalal Jamal, 28, to present his “vaccine passport” and slip into the gym. After a quick check-up, the amateur bodybuilder is cleared for a long-awaited weight session. As Britons once again dream of returning to their favorite pursuits after the government’s out-of-lockdown roadmap is released, this small gesture may soon become part of normal daily life. James rothwell explains in this video how the application works.

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