Montgomery County barber helps Eagles fan fly in style


PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (TBEN) — A Montgomery County barber helps Eagles fans fly to victory in style.

At Sal’s Barbershop in Montgomery County, the owner is excited about the Eagles in the NFC Championship, and recently got her hair cut in a special way to honor the Birds.

“I cut out the negative space,” said Sal Giannone. “It certainly takes a level of skill, a lot of patience.”

Barber extraordinaire and Eagles superfan Giannone is totally focused as he shaves the famous Eagles logo for a client at his namesake barber shop in Plymouth Meeting.

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“I really think they got a big chance,” said Giannone.

Giannone is getting more and more requests to add the team’s design to his hairstyles ahead of Sunday’s NFC championship game.

The hairdresser is very busy.

TBEN News Philadelphia was there a few months ago and watched the magic happen as Giannone carved the Phillies’ “P” in clients’ hair ahead of the World Series.

But Giannone says creating the Eagles logo is even more challenging.

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“Anyone can do a P because it’s part of the alphabet,” Giannone said, “where this is a real drawn logo.”

Not that he’s complaining.

“I will make as many Eagles logos as it takes for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl,” said Giannone.

To do this, Giannone uses a few different blades and slowly scales one area at a time, freehanding his design as he goes.

“I would say the eye is definitely the hardest part,” Giannone said. “The eye takes a lot of effort.”

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This Birds fan says he’s a cut above the rest and loves the look.

“Oh my God, it’s so cool,” said Anthony Trifiletti. “Sal did the Phillies P on me when they went to the World Series and it doesn’t even compare, this is ridiculous.”

A full Eagles logo haircut at Sal costs $50, and he says people from all over the tri-state come by his barbershop to get the designs.


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