More Barilaro NYC Job Documents to Drop



More documents will be made public about how former NSW Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro landed a job in the US, while controversial deputy Liberal leader Stuart Ayres defends his role in the nomination.

The NSW Commerce Secretary posted on Facebook ahead of the publication of the documents related to the nomination process on Monday by a parliamentary committee investigating how Mr Barilaro got the plum job.

More emails, reports and Mr Barilaro’s resume will be among the documents to be released before the upper house investigation resumes Wednesday.

The weeklong saga continues to haunt Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet, who returned from a 10-day trade mission to Asia over the weekend.

Mr Perrottet was joined by Mr Ayres, who is facing questions over his role in the nomination of his former Nationals colleague.

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The scandal continues a day after Perrottet fired Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinos amid allegations of bullying in her office.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mr Ayres said the only person authorized to make the trade deal was the chief executive of Investment NSW.

“Every action I have taken has been to remove politics from the recruitment of these roles and put the people of NSW first,” he wrote.

He maintained that he was never personally close to Mr. Barilaro.

“I don’t think we’ve ever called each other good friends,” he said.

“Actually, I can’t think of once in the 11 years we’ve been in parliament together that we shared a meal or a beer outside a work function.”

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The Labor opposition said the government’s “fingerprints” were all over the controversial nomination.

An email released last week raised more questions about Mr Ayres’ role.

Labor accused Mr Ayres of lying after saying he had not met Mr Barilaro during the recruitment process and kept his distance.

Among the documents submitted was the email sent in February by Amy Brown, CEO of Investment NSW, in which she said she had discussed a shortlist of candidates with Mr Ayres.

She said Mr Ayres had requested that a candidate be added to the selection process. The candidate’s name has not been made public.

Another Investment NSW document shows that Mr Ayres and Mr Barilaro met on or before June 16 – the day before it was announced that the former Deputy Prime Minister had secured the role – and Mr Ayres had indicated that he would accept the appointment. supported.

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Senior official Jenny West has provided evidence for the investigation and said she was told she had the job and then lost her senior job at Investment NSW after the offer was withdrawn.

The $500,000-a-year New York-based trading post was turned into a political appointment and went to Mr Barilaro, who relinquished it last month saying it had become untenable.

When the upper house inquiry hearing resumes on Wednesday, Ms. Brown will be recalled.

Mr Barilaro will give his side of the story to the investigation next Monday.