More details on backstage fights, CM Punk’s dog in the room, Young Bucks/Kenny Omega side of the story


More details are coming out about Sunday night’s backstage fight and the latest iteration somewhat contradicts what sources close to CM Punk and Ace Steel said.

Fightful Select reports that sources close to The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega’s side of the story state that The Young Bucks has started talking to CM Punk, just as Punk said during the media scrum that anyone who has a problem with him will immediately have to deal with him. The Bucks/Omega side’s claim is that The Bucks opened the door and didn’t kick as claimed by the other side. It was also said that before Matt Jackson could say anything, Punk threw punches at Matt’s head, while Nick tried to intervene. Ace Steel then reportedly threw a chair that caught Nick in the eye.

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