More Republicans tiptoeing to acknowledge Biden’s victory


The few Republicans who came to their own conclusion in the 15 days following Mr. Biden’s election victory have been increasingly blunt in their assessment of Mr. Trump’s prospects of overturning the results. Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski issued a statement condemning the president’s campaign of pressure on state legislatures as “not only unprecedented, but incompatible with our democratic process.” Mr. Hogan responded to Mr. Trump’s criticism by suggesting that the president “stop golfing and concede.”

“Here again in Michigan it’s not a razor thin margin – it’s 154,000 votes,” said Representative Fred Upton of Michigan, one of the first Congressional Republicans to congratulate Biden. and Ms. Harris, in an appearance on TBEN. Mr Trump made false accusations of widespread fraud in Michigan and pressured state lawmakers to overturn the results, but “154,000 votes is a lot to overcome,” Upton said . “I mean, it’s over.

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Other Republicans were more hesitant on Sunday, but they turned to recognition of Mr. Biden’s victory by amplifying calls to the Trump administration to allow the transition to begin, pushing Mr. Biden to start receiving information about intelligence as part of this process. Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, said on twitter “I agree that briefings should take place” as he shared a clip of Ron Klain, the new White House chief of staff, warning of the consequences of withholding classified information and letting it go. ‘access to agency officials.

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“It is high time to start a transition, at least to cooperate with a transition,” said North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin Cramer on Sunday, even as he insisted that Mr. Trump should have more time to take legal action against the result. of the election. “I prefer to have a president who has more than a day to prepare.”

Members of Mr Biden’s transition team, even as they announced their intention to unveil cabinet appointments on Tuesday, continued to warn that the new administration would be severely crippled without prior intelligence and updates. update on development and distribution projects for a vaccine against the coronavirus.

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Jennifer Psaki, senior adviser to the transition team, told TBEN’s’ State of the Union ‘that FBI background checks, a key part of cabinet secretaries’ confirmation, could not be done until the General Service Administration “verified” Mr. Biden. victory. The process would give Mr. Biden and his staff access to federal resources, data and personnel.

The transition team wants to “talk to the people who are doing the work right now so we can be ready,” said Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Democrat from Louisiana who is expected to step down for a role in the Biden administration, said on NBC. the press. “


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