More than 10,000 residents flee as army seizes the township in Myanmar’s Sagaing region


More than 10,000 residents from more than 10 villages in the Sagaing region’s Khin-U municipality have fled their villages after junta forces launched offensives in eastern and western areas, locals told RFA.

When a military motorcade entered the villages on the east side of Khin-U municipality around 1:30 am on Wednesday morning, more than 2,000 households from Thi Ha Taw, Shwe Min Gan, Thin Paung, Ka Bwet, Koke Tet and Yone Pin villages left their homes. .

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“Early in the morning, before sunrise, we all ran out with carts,” one resident told RFA.

“Both children and the elderly suffered. I heard they [junta troops] entered Yone Pin village this morning and two local residents were arrested.”

Junta forces invaded villages in the eastern Khin-U municipality after PDF attacks, forcing locals to flee. CREDIT: Citizen journalist

Villages in western Khin-U also targeted

Residents said another military column attacked villages in the western part of Khin-U municipality, forcing nearly 3,500 residents to flee. Three local residents were arrested in Ywar Thit village, they said.

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The State Administration Council (SAC) has not released a statement about the raids.

Members of the People’s Defense Force (PDF) said they are opposing military council troops who used landmines on Monday and Tuesday, causing heavy casualties on the junta’s side. As a result, the troops have started raiding villages, they said.

The northwestern Sagaing region has seen some of the fiercest fighting between junta forces and PDFs since the February 1, 2021 coup.

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According to the Bangkok-based Assistance Association for Political Prisonersauthorities in Myanmar have killed 2,299 civilians and arrested 15,571 since last year’s coup.


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