Motorists in London and southern England are missing out on lower petrol prices


Drivers across the country have endured a turbulent year at the pump, with prices rising after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Both petrol and diesel rose above 190p in July, with some stations selling diesel for 200p a litre.

They have since fallen again, with a petrol average of 148.8 pence per liter in the UK on 16 January and a diesel average of 171.1 pence.

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At those prices, it costs £81.84 to fill up a 55-litre petrol car and £94.10 to fill up a diesel model.

However, in London on January 16, petrol averaged 151.3 pence per liter and diesel 174.1 pence per liter, according to the AA survey.

Meanwhile, in the South East petrol costs 150.7 pence per liter and diesel 173.6 pence per liter, while in the South West petrol costs 150.1 pence per liter and diesel 172.5 pence per liter.

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The AA urged the government to make it easier for motorists to compare prices, which would encourage more competition.

The watchdog of the Competition and Markets Authority investigates the market out of concerns about whether consumers are getting a fair deal.

In December it said it had “reason to suspect” that gas station margins had risen over the past five years, but it needed to do more to understand why.

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