Mourinho torpedoed Tottenham expectations after delivering classic response


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho was quick to hush up talks of a title tilt and revealed he will ‘sleep like an angel’ after delivering his plans for the evening.

Spurs got a whopping three points after a fight performance gave them a 2-0 victory over Man City.

Both half-time goals from Son Heung-min and substitute Giovani Lo Celso sealed the victory, with the posting a perfect example of what a team led by Mourinho can accomplish in 2020.

Talk to TBEN after the game, Mourinho says: “It feels good [to be top]but maybe tomorrow we’ll be second again and honestly that wouldn’t be a problem for me. I’m just happy with the evolution.

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“People can’t expect us to come here and after one season we are fighting for the title.

“We don’t fight for the title, we just fight to win every game.

“But we are going to lose games, we are going to draw.”

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The gravity of the win wasn’t entirely lost on Mourinho, however, who revealed he would ‘sleep like an angel’ after his evening football fix that did not include watching Man Utd’s clash with West Brom. .

“But tonight’s dinner will be nice and relaxed and I’ll watch Atletico Madrid against Barcelona and sleep like an angel,” he continued.

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“But no problem if Leicester wins [tomorrow] and we are second again.

The league is more open – Kane

Captain of Tottenham Harry kane also spoke to Sky Sports cameras and hinted this season could create a surprise title winner if a team is able to string together a string of consistent performances.

“Fantastic performance, we knew it would be a tough game,” Kane said.

“We had a game plan to play as a unit. Everyone worked on their socks today. We took our chance, Sonny with a big goal. And then we knew it would open in the second half

“I knew if I fell deep the center-backs would come with me and Sonny could run behind. We fell deeply, probably more than necessary, but we changed that at half-time.

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“It’s a season where you have to do whatever it takes to win games. It will be a year of ups and downs. There is no better feeling when you win. We will take advantage of it, but we know we have a long way to go.

“We’re doing well, there are still parts we can improve. We have a lot of tough games to play. It’s a more open league. Like any season, anyone who can put together a good spell will have a good chance of winning.


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