MP government to procure Remdesivir injections for poor patients: CM


Remdesivir is considered a key antiviral drug in the fight against COVID-19, especially in adult patients with severe complications.

Chouhan said the state government has also decided to establish a COVID-19 health center in every district of the state so that infected people (who are advised to quarantine at home) have homes smaller ones can stay there.

He also said private hospitals will need to increase testing and treatment rates outside of their facilities.

Chouhan announced various measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus at the end of his 24-hour “ sit-in ” which aimed to educate people about adhering to COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

“During the interaction with people, some of them expressed concerns about the price and availability of Remdesivir injections. So I issued guidelines for a protocol to be established for its use.” , Chouhan said after completing his “Swasthya Agrah” (health asks) at Minto Hall here.

As part of the protocol, doctors should determine which patient needs the Remdesivir injection, he said.

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“This injection (Remdesivir) should be given whenever needed. I asked the officials to procure this injection at the government level to deal with its shortage, so that the poor and middle class people can receive the injection for free, ”he added. he said.

In several places, Remdesivir injections are given without any need, he noted.

Chouhan informed that about 4,000 new cases of the coronavirus were reported to the MP on Wednesday, and said the second wave of viral infection in the state is “stronger and whole families are infected.”

A lockdown is the last option and before resorting to it all other steps must be taken, he said.

“I believe that people can protect themselves if they adopt appropriate behavior in COVID … I want ‘Meri Suraksha Mera Mask’ to become a public movement,” the CM said.

The administration cannot fight this battle alone, the company must come forward as well, he said, while informing about his interaction with religious leaders and social workers across the state during his sit-in. .

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Chouhan said 34,000 people have signed up to serve as “ volunteers ” for assistance in the vaccination process, to publicize the mask rule and other prevention standards, and to help patients at home and in institutional quarantine, he said.

The number of patients with COVID-19 has increased and the state government will increase the availability of beds to 36,000 from the current 24,000. This will include 15,000 beds offering free treatment, he said.

Chouhan said the state government is also taking help from private hospitals and allocating beds there.

In Bhopal, the government is reserving two private hospitals for free treatment of people from low and middle income groups.

Likewise, hospitals will be reserved in other affected cities in the state, he added.

Chouhan said people had also expressed concerns about the higher rates of treatment in private hospitals.

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“The state government has decided that these hospitals will have to post treatment and testing rates outside of their facilities. We need their help. We will take action if these hospitals are overloading patients. the time to make money, “says CM.

He also announced the launch of the “ Kill Corona-2 campaign ” in rural areas of the state in which a door-to-door investigation will be conducted to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Chouhan also said that a protocol will be prepared for admitting coronavirus patients to hospitals.

“Those who do not need hospitalization will be quarantined at home and monitored by video calls twice a day,” he said.

Health officials will also monitor these patients by making surprise home visits, he added.

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