Multi-story gardening: profitable space-saving agricultural technique for urban dwellers


Gone are the days when agriculture was only practiced in the countryside. With the many solutions on the market, urbanites can grow their own backyard sukuma wiki.

One of the solutions for urban farming is multi-storey gardening. This is a vertical farming method where layers of the garden are stacked on top of each other.

This unconventional method allows city dwellers to grow vegetables such as sukuma wiki, spinach, cilantro, carrots, garlic and leeks.

They can also be used to grow herbs such as rosemary, lemongrass, and fruits such as strawberries.

A person sitting next to several multi-storey gardens

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Daniel Muna

The multi-story garden can have four to six tiers or even more, depending on what is being grown. A six-storey garden goes between Ksh1,500 and Ksh2,000.

According to Erick Mutwiri, a farmer, the technique only needs a small space and sand to keep it stable.

“This technique is ideal for anyone who does not have a stable water supply. The layers allow the water to slowly drip down to the bottom layer,” explains Mutwiri.

Mutwiri, who quit his job to pursue farming, offers free lessons to the local residents who have praised the finished products and point out that they are free of chemicals.

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However, he noted that the biggest challenge was getting the garden liner, which is expensive.

In addition, according to Farming Wonder, an organization that designs and builds the gardens, this technique ensures a smooth flow of water downwards.

The organization uses High-Density Poly Ethylene (HPDE) to make the gardens effective and ensure their durability for more than 10 years.

“Earn money on limited space with easy management,” according to the organization.

From four six-inch multi-storey gardens and 80 pepper seedlings in each garden, a farmer can harvest more than 15 kilograms per week and one kilogram costs about Ksh300.

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Small Farm Gardening, a nursery and garden center, stated that the gardens are more stable with no risk of collapse, even on sloppy surfaces.

“The economy is tough, how can you save yourself from it? Multi-storey gardens can also save you a lot of space and money,” the center advised.

Furthermore, the garden can be placed in the open air, in a closed conservatory or in a shady room.

Agricultural experts next to a multi-storey garden

Agricultural experts next to a multi-storey garden


Agriculture wonder