Multiple job postings withdrawn by Shopee, some only notified after arrival in Singapore


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One person’s dream of working for Shopee in Singapore was over before it even started after the company resigned the job he came here for.

The person, who wrote under an account called “Lin Ge goes to Nanyang”, took to WeChat to share his woes.

The article about his experience was posted on August 27 and was titled “Three Days Since Shopee Canceled My Offer”.

Offer withdrawn by phone

Lin complained that he planned to use his newly created WeChat account to document his new life in Singapore, and that he never expected his first post to be about how he lost his job.

His offer was withdrawn by phone by Shopee after he landed in Singapore with his wife and dog, he claimed.

Until now, Shopee had only contacted him through phone calls or “insensitive” emails, he added.

Although they offered compensation, Lin was unable to accept the offer and made a counter-offer that he believed would be in line with his predicament.

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After receiving an “insubstantial” response from Shopee on Aug. 26, Lin complained that the process of seeking compensation from Shopee will involve multiple “back and forth.”

Furthermore, he advised other Chinese nationals who are in the same situation to go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to get an extension of their stay in Singapore to find a new job.

Multiple vacancies withdrawn

Looks like Lin wasn’t the only one affected.

As Technology in Asia reported, multiple vacancies have been withdrawn by Shopee.

Chinese media channel Jie Mian News reported that at least one other person had had the same experience.

Their offers were reportedly withdrawn on August 25.

According to South China Morning Mail (SCMP), similar stories have also been shared by users on Maimai, the Chinese version of LinkedIn.

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Affected individuals have also reportedly gathered in chat groups to explore options for remedies and mutual support, Jie Mian News wrote.

The groups are said to have gathered nearly 260 members in total.

Roles no longer available

Sea, the technology conglomerate that owns Shopee, has confirmed in a statement to the media that changes have been made to its job offer arrangements, according to SCMP.

“Due to changes in the hiring plans of some technical teams, a number of roles at Shopee are no longer available. We are working closely together to support those affected,” Sea said in the statement.

Shopee has offered affected individuals compensation of one month’s salary and travel expenses, SCMP wrote.

According to ReutersSea has reported a quarterly loss of nearly US$1 billion (S$1.4 billion) and as a result is pulling the plug on its games live streaming platform and some projects in its development unit.

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An informed source said “dozens” of staff from these departments had been laid off, adding that Sea plans to increase its profitability.

A Sea spokesperson would not say how many jobs are involved.

Fired from Shopee earlier in June

Shopee is owned by Singapore-based Sea Limited and one of its largest stakeholders is Chinese technology company Tencent Holdings Limited. Sea limited was founded in 2015 by 45-year-old Forrest Li, who arrived in Singapore as a student over 15 years ago. CN.

Earlier in June, Shopee had also laid off workers across Southeast Asia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

In an internal memo shared at the time, CEO Chris Feng explained that the layoffs were made to “optimize our operations in certain segments and markets.”

Feng also noted an “increased uncertainty in the broader economy” in the memo.

mothership has reached out to Shopee for comment.

Top image via TheGreatSG’rean/Wikimedia Commons