Mutua offers woman job after Mutoko interview


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua revealed how one of Caroline Mutoko’s past interviews led him to offer a job opportunity to a young Evelyn Kasina.

Mutua took to social media Sunday, November 22, to disclose how he played a role in securing a job for Kasina at the Google and Communications Authority of Kenya.

He noted that it stemmed from watching her in one of Mutoko’s previous interviews. He said Kasina’s personality was endearing as she spoke with a lot of passion.

Evelyn Kasina.


“She exuded unparalleled depth, passion and eloquence, so much so that even the tireless and intelligent Caroline was amazed. She mentioned me at one point in the interview about our work at KFCB on the protecting children from exposure to harmful content, “he said.

The interview focused on cyberbullying and online safety issues for children, a key project that Mutua holds dear.

This led Mutua to post the interview on her social media pages and soon after invited her to her offices to discuss issues relating to child protection in the digital space.

This resulted in a partnership which, Mutua noted, has contributed to numerous media education programs. Currently, Evelyn is a consultant for KFCB’s Digital Parenting program with Google Kenya.

“Today she is a much sought-after speaker on computer and family issues and a beauty to listen to. She is brimming with wisdom beyond her age and teaches her home computer classes with unparalleled eloquence and class, ”he noted.

Mutua also congratulated two other young people, Rachel Wainaina, a senior consultant in the Creative Arts Youth Empowerment Program and Sammy Ngare, an administrative police officer.

He added that their efforts and hard work have led them to capitalize on the opportunities available to them.

“If you want to attract mentors and fate connectors, stop selling poverty, emptiness and suffering. Sell ​​your vision, your talent, your gift, your passion and your desire to serve, ”he added.

Mutua also called on the young people to strive to make a change in the country, noting that self-confidence, discipline and professionalism in whatever they do will eventually get them through.

Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

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