My girlfriend doesn’t want to work, she wants to live taitai because her father is rich and her mother has to become a housewife – TBEN Singapore News


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A man took to social media to ask for advice about his girlfriend, who he says not only refused to work but also pressured him to borrow money from his family.

My girlfriend doesn’t want to work, and she hasn’t worked during our entire relationship. She wanted taitai live because her father is rich and her mother has to become a housewife,” his post began on the NUS Whispers Facebook page.

He also said that they have no savings, even though he has been working for years, and that they live paycheck to paycheck.

When he thinks about being together long term, this is how he feels: I’m not sure I can live like this forever.

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When he considers how much money they will need for their BTO flat if they do end up together, he gets stressed.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend tells him only to borrow money from his family, as she can’t from hers because she “never contributed to the family business.”

“She has pressured me to get money from my family when I bring up financial problems, but my family is just a low to middle income family. I have tried to borrow money and even extort money from my relatives and it has caused a lot of fights,” he added.

In addition, the girlfriend does not even contribute to the household since the husband’s parents do all the chores.

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“She just doesn’t do anything at home and watches her dramas. She doesn’t even offer to buy meals for my parents when they are home.”

To top it off, the woman insists on a proposal complete with a diamond ring, which the man cannot afford.

‘Otherwise she says she’ll look bad and won’t marry me, so I’m in a dilemma now. I feel like she doesn’t care about my financial pressure and she’s willing to let me suffer for what she wants.”

However, the man seems to have many insecurities, describing himself and his girlfriend as “unattractive” and expressing fear that he will not be able to find anyone else or that he will break up with her.

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“I wanted to lose weight, but she insists I stay fat so I don’t attract other girls, but I’m also worried about my health. What should I do?” he wrote.

His post received more than 300 responses, with netizens trying to straighten him out.

Others urged him to end business with the woman.


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