Naina Singh, kicked out of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ candidate, was offended by manufacturers for showing her as ‘a bimbo who did nothing’


Bigg Boss 14 wild card contender Naina Singh, who was kicked out after just two weeks of entering the series, said she was not happy with the Bigg Boss creators who represented her on screen.

Naina Singh said her conversations about her struggle and her trip were not shown on television and that she was described as a “bimbo” whose only worry in life was expensive makeup and clothes.

Speaking to The The Bharat Express News after her deportation, Naina said: “What I really hated about my trip was everything I said about my personal life, about the mask task, it didn’t has not been shown. In this house, at one point or another, everyone talks about their personal life, but they chose to show that Naina only cares about makeup, expensive dresses and has a house. Do they know my difficulties, whether I am depressed or not? Do they know how I managed to reach this far in the day? “

She added, “If the creators were showing Eijaz, the struggle and Shardul’s personal life, why did they choose to ignore my side of the story? At least don’t show me in a bad light, tell my side of the story too. Post the things I mentioned. They just showed me as a ‘bimbo’ who didn’t do anything on the show. ”

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Before entering Bigg Boss 14, Naina told TBEN in an exclusive interview, “Once you walk into the house, that’s when your perspective changes. I don’t come in with it. assumptions. I’ll try to be friends with everyone, ek-ek luck from dena chaiye na (A chance should be given) I’m someone who knows how to play his cards right so that’s what I’m going to make. ”

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We also asked Naina if she was afraid to walk into the house so late in the match to which she said, “Yaar, I’m someone who knows how to do things my way. I think they should. be afraid (laughs). ”