Naomi Campbell Saves Millions In Kenya In New Ambassador Job


Despite the backlash triggered by Naomi Cambell’s appointment as Kenya’s Tourism Ambassador, the supermodel saved the country from millions.

Kenya Tourism Federation president Mohammed Hersi revealed that Campbell does not charge the Kenya Tourism Board for his services.

“If we paid Naomi, she would wipe out a lot of our destination marketing budget. Those who think we paid millions to have it… I can bet we didn’t pay anything and this is all the personal goodwill of Tourism CS Najib Balala, ”Hersi said.

Kenya Tourism Federation President Mohammed Hersi with Tourism CS Najib Balala


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According to a US celebrity booking website, Naomi appearances would cost you Ksh 2.7million to Ksh 4.2million for events in the US and maybe more for international functions.

A long-term commitment like the Kenya tourism deal would force customers to pay the model millions of shillings.

Hersi also responded to suggestions from some TBEN that Hollywood actor Lupita Nyong’o was better suited for the goodwill role of tourism.

Lupita might be our daughter, but she’s now a top-notch brand and if we’re going to have her, be prepared to pay full price for her brand. Let me also tell you that even the father who is governor of Kisumu cannot just use his image to promote Kisumu.

“When you get to Lupita’s level, the agents run the show, they monetize every move,” he explained.

Hersi added that Naomi has more than 10 million Instagram followers compared to Lupita’s 8.9 million, adding that the supermodel has visited Kenya every December for the past 15 years.

Due to his close relationship with the communities of Malindi, Campbell was given the name Giriama Kadzo.

The president of the Kenya Tourism Federation urged TBEN to focus on how to tap into Campbell’s high-value networks to seek opportunities instead of criticizing KTB’s decision.

“Dear Naomi, do not read too much the feelings expressed by TBEN on social media. You see, we use social media to break it down and take it with a pinch of salt. I’ll leave you with Michelle Obama’s words … When they go low, you go high … Keep on skyrocketing, ”he concluded with a message to the top model.

Tourism CS Najib Balala and British model Naomi Campbell pose for a photo

Tourism CS Najib Balala and British model Naomi Campbell pose for a photo

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