National Archives Tell Congress They’re Not Sure Trump Still Has Classified Documents


The National Archives said in response to a request from Congress that they do not know whether Trump handed over any classified documents.

According to The New York Times:

The National Archives has informed congressional officials that it is still uncertain whether former President Donald J. Trump has turned in all the presidential records he removed from the White House, even after months of negotiations, a subpoena and a search of his property in Florida House Oversight Committee.

The filing staff “recently informed the committee that the agency is not sure that all presidential records are in its possession,” New York Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney, a New York Democrat and committee chairman, wrote in a letter to Debra Steidel on Tuesday. Wall, the Acting National Archivist.

The House Oversight Committee has asked the archives to conduct a full review and return to the committee by Sept. 27 with an answer as to whether Trump is still illegally in possession of classified material.

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Trump’s theft of US government property was so unprecedented that the records are still unsure if he still has classified documents in his possession after the FBI search.

If federal law enforcement finds more classified documents at any of Trump’s properties, it should do it for the former president.

The American people now know that Trump held sensitive FISA intelligence about America’s adversaries.

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It remains to be seen what else Donald Trump can own that could endanger national security.