NBA 2K22 patch info: 2K makes one thing very clear in a new update


A new update launched for NBA 2K22 on September 15th.

According to the note, the changes will add “continuous improvements to game stability, fixing several issues.” However, there is one final line that says a lot about the launch of NBA 2K22 and the publisher’s notoriety.

“No gameplay change! “

For the first time in a long time, an NBA 2K game launched with gameplay widely appreciated by the community. From influencers to NBA 2K League players to true pro hooters, most agree that the gameplay is well placed.

Hopefully 2K sticks to the gameplay and doesn’t adjust anything in that area, at least for the foreseeable future. That said, there is a potentially negative trend that could restart.

Sparse patch notes might be a thing again, and that’s not a good appearance overall. The publisher had started handing out patch notes so general that they lacked the real flesh to inform the player base of changes that would impact their experience.

Two years ago, we started seeing more detailed notes again, which reminded us of a time when 2K communication was much more transparent. This tweet has the feel of the patchy patch note.

The changes may be so small and technical that they do not warrant a detailed explanation of the changes. However, it would always be best to share a little more information, especially since many users are enjoying the game within a week of the title’s release.

Brian Mazique worked as an insider in the NBA 2K League from March to September 2021



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