NBA, NBPA reach deal on new Covid-19 protocols as League strives to save season


It’s been a tumultuous week in the NBA, as teams with empty rosters and health and safety hoops to jump through try to navigate the increasingly murky waters surrounding the progress of the 2020/21 season.

Today, the NBA has acted proactively, trying to implement a number of new health and safety regimes, designed to try to curb the spread of the disease and reduce the number of postponed games, or continue with half-full lists available for Put on your outfits.

According to the NBA, the following guidelines will now be put in place, with immediate effect:

  • Players in their home market are required to remain in their residence for at least the following two weeks, “except to attend team-related activities on the team premises or in the arena, exercise outdoors or perform essential activities, or as a result of extraordinary circumstances. . When returning from work, players can only interact with “household members, family and any staff who regularly work at home.”
  • Players on the road are not allowed to leave their team’s hotel “except for team activities or emergencies. They are no longer able to interact with “non-team guests” at the hotel.
  • People who regularly visit a player’s home or a team’s staff for professional purposes must be tested for COVID-19 twice a week. If a player tests positive or a staff member is at high risk, “the NBA may require players and team staff to undergo five consecutive days of lab tests twice a day, in addition to testing. daily at the point of service. . “
  • Players are not allowed to arrive at the arena until three hours before the prediction. Before and after matches, interactions between players are limited to “nudges and punches”. Players are also encouraged to “avoid prolonged socialization and maintain as much as possible six feet of distance.”
  • Players are required to wear face masks on the bench, in locker rooms, during weight training and fitness activities, and when traveling with a non-household member. “Recovery chairs” spaced six feet apart and not requiring masks will be provided at least 12 feet from the bench for players exiting the game. Chilled players must return to their assigned seats on the bench wearing a mask.
  • Pre-match locker room meetings last for no more than 10 minutes for at least the next two weeks, and everyone present must wear a face shield. All other meetings between players and team staff also require face masks and must take place “on the field, in a league approved space or at the arena in a room large enough to accommodate at least six. feet away between individuals. “
  • Teams should form seating tables to ensure that players seated closest to each other on the bench should also do the same on the team plane.
  • Massages, physiotherapy and other treatment sessions in hotels require face masks and should be performed “in a ballroom or other large open space”, providing a 12 foot space between players.
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The announcements come after three games were postponed in two days, while the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers will play later today, with eight and nine active players available on their respective rosters.


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