NBC’s Ben Collins: ‘A kid can go to a Drag Queen to show them they’re human’


NBC reporter Ben Collins said on Peacock’s “MTP NOW” that parents take kids to all-ages drag brunches to meet a drag queen “just to show them they’re human.”

Host Kristen Welker said: “What do you see online after this shooting? Do you notice something?”

Collins said: “I will say that the months-long campaign to target trans and gay rights events and support and things like drag brunches, that has been a persistent narrative by the anti-LGBQ right over the last six months to the last year . One of the main causes of that hatred is an account called Libs or TikTok.”

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Welker said, “You said this, but I don’t think we can stress this enough. This was during a drag night.”

Collins said: “And also hours for what they call an all-ages drag brunch, which is probably the main target of these anti-LGBTQ events lately. For example, the Proud Boys will start protesting any transvestite brunch, any transvestite hour, anything a kid will go to meet a transvestite just to show them that they are people and human beings. They go there and read Dr. Seuss. They read regular books, but it is read by a transvestite, and they have breakfast. It’s not a hypersexual event, but that’s how it’s seen on the far right.”

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