Ndifuna Ukwazi calls Winde’s Helen Bowden comments ‘dishonest and divisive’


By Mwangi Githahu 9 min ago

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Cape Town – Social justice NGO Ndifuna Ukwazi responded to remarks made by Prime Minister Alan Winde during his state of the province address, in which he attacked the occupation of the home of nurses Helen Bowden in Green Point, calling it “illegal, immoral and corrupt”.

Ndifuna Ukwazi spokesperson Kyla Hazell said: “We note with concern that instead of embracing the nuance and imagination needed to achieve decent housing solutions in partnership with communities, Prime Minister Winde supported the party line of slandering the occupiers in his speech to Sopa.

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“Blaming the lack of provision of affordable housing in well-located Cape Town neighborhoods on those who live in the former Helen Bowden Nursing Home is dishonest and divisive.

“Many residents have struggled for years to secure decent housing for the workers at Sea Point, facing successive disappointments and dead ends. It is the nurses, guards, cleaners, security guards and store workers who would benefit from the delivery of state-subsidized housing to this area, if only it were built, ”Hazell said.

“There must be an end to the false dichotomy between law-abiding citizens and those whose circumstances have resulted in a decision to occupy instead of patiently waiting for decades to come. Where Winde sees immoral or corrupt invaders, we know people trying to survive in an increasingly unequal society, ”Hazell said.

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Rather than accept the urgency of this order, which states that space apartheid has not been addressed in the city of Cape Town and orders that plans be presented as to how this detrimental legacy will be reversed in the future, Prime Minister Winde’s government is appealing the decision. How is it the action of a state truly prepared to provide for the needs of the poor in one of its major suburbs?

Meanwhile, Mayco City Human Settlements Member Malusi Booi said: “The campaign of illegal occupation of Ndifuna Ukwazi has blocked the development of social housing both on the site of the Woodstock hospital. owned by the city and on the Helen Bowden property near the provincially owned V&A waterfront.

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“The City plans to build approximately 700 social housing units at Woodstock Hospital. This is one of our biggest projects in the region. It is hoped that occupants compatible with Ndifuna Ukwazi will vacate the property voluntarily.

“The City is currently seeking a court-ordered investigation to determine the number of illegal occupants, their identity, their monthly income, their eligibility for state-subsidized housing and their willingness to vacate the property so that plans to social housing are not further delayed ”. said Booi.

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